Prospective Drummers

We offer free lessons in Highland Drumming! Our instructors have decades of teaching and playing experience.  Although there are a number of internet based learning resources, nothing compares to direct tutoring by an experienced instructor.  Before buying any equipment or tutor books, contact us. For prospective drummers, percussion background is helpful and music reading ability is required. Your instruction begins on a practice pad and either snare sticks or drum mallets.

Highland drumming is a unique style of percussion that is an integral part of the overall pipeband musical performance. The drum corps consists of a number of snare drummers, one or more tenor drummers, and usually one bass drummer.

The snare rudiments are intricate and the unison playing requirements make this a rewarding challenge even for seasoned percussionists. Tenor drummers can add to the rhythm, provide a visual element by flourishing their mallets, or provide both rhythm and flourishing elements. Bass drummers provide the heartbeat of the band.


Lessons are scheduled on Saturday mornings at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church located at 40th and Main in Kansas City, Missouri.

Contact us for lessons.

For more information about lessons or to speak with an instructor, please complete the form below.  Thanks!




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